COACHING/Steve Greenberg

I coach Acting, Auditions, Public Speaking, and Presentations.

I work through a few studios around town (Mostly the LaValle Actors Workshop in Burbank) and my own home-studio.

My process utilizes my 35 years of experience and study of Method Acting, Improvisation, Producing and Directing.

Basically, I’m a teacher combined with a director.

Auditions, sales pitches and speeches are little pieces of Theatre and as such require a begining, a middle, and an end.   I work with my clients to craft these “Little Shows” from rewriting/editing material, to performance technique to lighting and staging.  It’s a fun process.  And we can put it on tape too!

CALL OR EMAIL ME and we can discuss your needs and expectations.

Our work together will make your SHOW BETTER!  Guaranteed!

For business and personal reasons I coach/teach under my birth name  “Steve Greenberg”.

“Steve B. Green” is my “Performing” and “Pen-Name”.


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