Acting Resume



THE EX-LIST                                            Co-Star                              CBS   Dennie Gordon, Dir.

VANISHED                                                Co-Star                              FOX   Helen Shaver, Dir.

JUDGING AMY                                         Co-Star                               CBS   Jessica Landaw

THE PRACTICE                                        Co-Star                               ABC   Steven Minor, Dir.

RAISING CAINS (Pilot)                         Co-Star                               ABC   Steven Minor, Dir.

HANG TIME                                             Recurring                            NBC

MEN ARE ANIMALS (Pilot)                  Actor-Writer                    Frantic Productions

WHERE’S THE PARTY (Pilot)              Actor-Writer                    Mark Gentile, Prod.

WAY COOL SCHOLASTIC (Pilot)        Actor-Writer                    Frank Chindamo, Dir.


GUNRUNNER BILLY KANE                  Krapanski                         Michael Selig, Dir.


LOVE DETECTIVE                                   Detective MacElroy       Adam Strange, Dir.

TICE                                                            Sergeant Haines             Kat Mallinson, Dir.

Plan-B                                                        Joey Construction          Jon Heap, Dir.

RENT DUE                                                 Jacob                                    Jon Heap

THE NUTCRACKER SUITE                    Mr. Bayless                       Jon Heap/Jim Hickox

A COLD NIGHT                                        The Killer                           Jon Heap

UNUSUAL PHENOMENA                     Actor-Writer                     NBC; Jim Johnston


THE CHOSEN                                          Reb. Saunders                  The Fountain Theatre

A FEW GOOD MEN                               Capt. Markinson              NOHO Arts Center

ROMEO & JULIET                                   Friar Lawrence                 Ellen Geer -Theatricum

TIMESHARE                                             Frank                                  Eclectic Company Theatre

GREEN GROW THE LILACS                 Jeter                                    Ellen Geer- Theatricum

SPOON RIVER: Cemetery                    Various                                Eclectic Company Theatre

STUCK                                                       Charlie                                 Whitefire Theatre

THE COST OF THE ERECTION            Mark                                     Blank Theater Co.

WHITE HARTE IMPROV                       Improv Co.                         White Harte Tavern

SO FUNNY IT SQUIRTS                         Improv Co.                         LA Connection Theatre

GOTHAM CITY/Groundlings East      Company                           The Duplex, NYC

MEN ARE ANIMALS *                `           Actor-Writer                   Theatre at the Improv

SUMNER & GREEN                                 Actor-Writer                     HBO Workspace

SMALL CRAFT WARNINGS                  Bill                                        Classical Theatre Lab

THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE              The Pirate King                 NOHO Arts Center

All OVER                                                    The Best Friend                Classical Theatre Lab

THE GIFT HORSE                                    Phil Louderman                Elizabeth Huffman Dir.

THE DOUBLE                                           Petrushka                           Classical Theatre Lab

ARE YOU NOW OR HAVE YOU . . .    Jose Ferrer                          Odyssey Theatre

THE ROTHSCHILDS                                Nathan                              AJT

THE RATIONALITY CLINIC                   Andrew                             S. Meisner Theatre

THE GOLDEN HANDSHAKE                 Tim Allison                     Ironbound Theatre

JIM THORPE ALL-AMERICAN             Gus Welch                        Theatreworks, NYC

RIDE OF PAUL REVERE                         Major Pitcairn                 Theatreworks, NYC

JULIUS CAESAR                                       Antony                              N.Y. Summerfest

BECKET                                                    Thomas Becket                Megaw Theatre

MAN OF LA MANCHA                          Dr. Carasco                       Theatre By Sea, NH

TWELFTH NIGHT                                   Antonio                             NY Renaissance Fest.


Acting:       Walt Witcover, Jerry Rockwood, Allan Miller, Dennis LaValle (Current)

Improv:      Gotham City Improv/Groundlings East – Company Member/Dir: Hilary Stearn

LA Connection Comedy Theatre/ Dir. Kent Skov